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four4korn's Journal

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5 September
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hey crazy cats my names four i'm a new age punk trying to hide from the posers i can't help it i was raised on the shit, i'm from minneapolis minnesota and the surrounding area i moved to duluth oct. of 98 unfortunitly i battle with drugs but man, i love my homie mary jane. oh i speak alittle ebonics from growing up in ghetto's i'm actualy really good friends with my girl sixtyten, my favorite band is korn i don't care if they sold out i've been listening to them for five and 1/2 years i'd want to make money doing something that i love to.... i've been in and out of treatment's, grouphomes, fosterhomes, shelters, lived on the streets, and been running away from home sence i was 9. i'm a bitch to my family but i love them to death. my baby niece is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen in my life... and i'm usualy bored... alot to, like my girl alice. well blah to you all! FTW!
concerts, drugs, heavy shit, music, punk, raves, some prescription, techno, weed

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